Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Farimirs' Defenders of Osgiliath

I've almost completed my Easterling army barring one or two of the new finecast heros that I'll plan to get. For my second army I decided I wanted to go good. Farimir has always been one of my favorite Gondor characters so I wanted to do an army based around him but before the LotR books so I could more customize his force. I have three goals for the army. The first is to have a cool looking force that would be true to the lore. The second is to have a variety of models because after painting an all easterling army you get tired of gold and red. Lastly I want it to be somewhat competitive. Nothing GT winning, but just not terrible either.


Farimir, Bow, (Leader) He may be better in heavy armor but I like this model better.
5 Osgiliath Veterans, Sw/Sh
6 Osgiliath Veterans, Sp/Sh

4 Rangers of Gondor
5 Rangers of Gondor w Sp

1 Minis Tirith Solider w Banner
4 Minis Tirith Solider w Sw/Sh
4 Minis Tirith Solider w Sp/Sh
2 Knights of Minis Tirith w Sh

6 Citadel Guard w Longbows
6 Citadel Guard w Sp

8 Might, 19 Bows, 47 Models, Breaking Point 23

 The basic idea is that almost all of my troops will be F4 except for Madril's warband but he'll have the banner and a couple of knights to help out. Every group will also have spear support and will be able to function as a combat block. I personally love Madrils 'master of ambush' rule. If everyone starts in reserves I can roll his warband first every time because as soon as he hits the board his rule is in and will help the rest of my force on. Also if he is the only one stuck in reserve it will help hurry him on and his knights can get to the fighting quickly as the rest of the warband walks up to reinforce where needed. The Longbows from Beregond and his Citadel Guard can be plucking away at D3 or D5 targets to make the most of their long bows while the rangers shoot at everything else. I really look forward to painting and modeling up this force. I'll probably just green stuff some stuff on the Osgiliath Vets and make my own so I don't have a bunch of guys with the same pose over and over.

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