Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adepticon LotR Championship Game 1

Where I live there isn't really any LotR players however I enjoy the models and have always been a Tolkien fan. So when I got to go to Adepticon 2012 and learned of the LotR event, I had to try and get in. Needless to say I did or I wouldn't be blogging about it. All the terrain was great and fully modeled and painted representing a host of different areas from middle earth to battle on.

My Army;
Kahmul the Easterling mounted
Captain with sword and shield
Captain with bow
4 Black Dragon Knights
2 Banners
A host of Easterling foot soldiers

Game 1 I played a guy named Chris Watson and his Dwarfs. His army was painted beautifully and on snow bases. Being my first event I got trounced as was to be expect but I had a blast anyways.
We played on the Dol Guldur board Here are some battle shots of the ass kicking;

The Start of Battle with my Easterling Black Dragon Knights following Kahmul the Ring Wraith. Photobucket
My archer ready to shot out of the forest on the Dwarfs. Photobucket
My battle line advances. Photobucket
The Dwarfs advance towards the center. Photobucket
My archers clearing out the right flank of his army. Photobucket
The battle line meets and chaos ensues. Photobucket
The Easterlings start to get thinned out from the sturdy dwarfs. Photobucket
About to loose, Kahmul decides to charge Dain Ironfoot to kill the leader and claim a moral victory. Photobucket
After getting crushed it's on to game 2!

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