Thursday, April 26, 2012

Adepticon LotR Championship Game 2

So after my beating from the Chris and his Dwarfs I went on to play against his friend, Matt Beaty. Matt was running a very fluffy 2nd age elf list. The same list you would run if you were playing The last alliance battle. Gilgalad and Elrond leading a bunch of Kings Guard Elves. He had an extemely small force but it hit like a ton of bricks... Silky perfumed bricks!

We played on a Dwarven hall board that was really well done. The center of the board had 6 objectives. The tournament required us to bring 3 objectives each. I brought Frodo, Sam, and Pippin I had painted up to show that Kahmul and his easterlings were after the Ring for their master. Beaty had a treasure chest, some barrels, and a dead orc for his. The mission was to get the objectives and get them back to your side of the board. He got 5 and ran back and I only got 1. The game was shortly over after his elves chopped my poor humans to bits.

The Battle;

My Easterlings start in the dwarf hall.

Elves of the second age prepare to take the objectives.

The objectives in the center of the board.

Elrond and Gilgalad starring down my Easterlings.

My Nazgul and his Black Dragons trying to run around the flank to smash his elves with the objectives.

Now after getting blown off the board twice onto game 3! :)

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