Friday, November 25, 2011

Dwarfs Ard Boyz Round 2 Game 1 2011

Ard Boyz Round 1

Scott (I don’t remember all the specifics of the list so here’s the general stuff)

Master engineer
Slayer Hero
25 ish Iron Breakers
10 Warriors (hand/shields)
20 Thunderers
30 Longbeard Rangers
Bolt thrower
Gyro Copter
Organ gun
(most (if not all) of his warmachines had engineers.)

This battle report will not be the most accurate thing because I didn’t write anything down and I got no sleep the night before. After the tournament was over and I went home I had been up like 40ish hours… so I crashed hard. I do remember what units killed what and how they did it just not the list specifics or what turn it may have happened on.

On a side note I have just started using battle chronicler and I’m still in the learning stages so there may be little hick ups here and there. I’ll try to get better with this.

I dropped my cannons spread out and my Thorek and he then deployed his whole army. I thought his thunderers were the weak link in his lines and placed my scouts in front of them. I also wanted to keep my nasty unit out of his long beard rangers with Bugman. He scouted his guys in the building. (They would never come out they just threw str 5 axes at me all game.)



Turn 1a
I got first turn and Marched up in front of his lines and took some cannon shots doing two wounds to the copter and 3 to the cannon. That engineer kept it going.


Turn 1b
He flew his Gyro up to my cannon and started the reform to face my main battle line and shot up my unit downing several.


Turn 2a
I shot the Gyro out of the sky and charged the thunderers loosing more to stand and shoot and one unit of rangers came in and got an Anvil charge on his Thorek. I did this mostly to tie him up so he couldn’t use him but also because even with only 7 attacks a turn I would eventually kill him. I killed the unit of thunderers to the man and over ran hoping to get out of his charge range. I only moved 3 inches but that was enough with his warmachines in the way and his Thorek tied up.


Turn 2b
One of his cannons killed on my middle cannons and he shot up my huge unit they went from 60 to about 45 now.


Turn 3a
I reformed my LBR’s to face his warmachines and start running down his lines the other unit of miners come on and I position them to get a flank charge on his iron breakers. In the shooting phase I shot one more of his cannons punking it with one of mine and called upon ancestral power to multi charge. I have one re-roll per game and I had to use it but it was a success and I hit his first warmachine and his iron breakers in the flank. I blew through the first warmachine and over ran into the master engineer (whom was by himself) The iron breakers lost enough guys combined with all my static res that they panicked but were able to get away by an inch.


Turn 3b
His unit of 10 warriors and his Slayer hero charged into the flank of my minors and stomped but they were able to hold. His iron breakers rallied and I killed the engineer and orver ran into the organ gun


Shooting I killed of his last cannon (the one with a wound left) and I killed the organ gun and ran into the flank of his iron breakers. This is where its starts getting really hazy. I ended up taking out the iron breakers in the flank and he ended up taking my minors with his 10 man unit and slayer hero. I eventually took Thorek and the last bolt thrower of his.


He Claimed a cannon and one ranger unit from me. I claimed everything but the slayer hero, LBR’s that never left the building and the 10 man warrior unit. I got all bonus points except 1. The only bonus point I didn’t get was the one where you have to keep a wizard alive. ( I was playing dwarves and this would later end up putting me in second place instead of 1st)

Scott was a great opponent and a fun player. Our game was over in about 45 min with my army being so fast to play and neither of us having any rules disputes or magic phases.

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