Friday, November 25, 2011

High Elves vs Gravestar Vampire Counts 11/24

[b]Fighting Twilight[/b]

I've updated my list a little. I've decided to drop the bow of the seafarer as it never really did anything other than kill a couple of guys here and there. I've added in the gem of hoeth. My prince is a lvl 1 shadow and usually takes miasma. I believe this works wonders in the list and synergizes well with the heavy amount of shooting. The obvious slowing down to shoot but more importantly smoke and mirrors to trade my prince out to save my bsb or lvl 4 out of a hairy situation.

My latest list;

Prince, Shadow, Jewel of Dusk, Armor of Caledor, GW, Longbow
BSB, Reaver bow, Dragon Armor, GW
LVL 4, High, Annulian Crystal, Dragonbane Gem, Ring of Fury
LVL 2, Metal, Seerstaff
30x Archers, FC, Flamebanner
10x Archers, Muso
13x Archers, Muso
29x White Lions, FC, Skiensliver, Banner of Sorcery
3x Bolt Throwers
2x Eagles

The Gravestar list;

Vamp Lord, Red Fury, +3 attacks, Hatred, Dragon bane gem, LVL 3
Vamp, LVL 2, Ghoul march
Vamp, LVL 1, Nightmare, 3+, 4++
W King, BSB, Regen Banner
40x Ghouls
40x Ghouls
40x Grave Guard, FC, Hatred banner, GW
Black Coach

He didn't want to roll up a mission so we just played a pitched battle.
I chose final transmutation and Enchanted blades. (to deal with an ethereal BC) Miasma on the Prince. I rolled up Arrow attraction, Fury of Khaine, Flames of the Phoenix and Vauls unmakeing. I don't remember what spells he had.

Deployment goes something like this.


Left to right he has lvl 1 vamp on flyer, ghouls, graveguard all characters, ghouls and a black coach.
I have archers, archers with the lvl 2, Eagle, Bolt Thrower, 30 archers with lvl 4 and bsb and prince, Bolt thrower, Bolt thrower, White Lions and an Eagle. He free marched his ghouls up and rolled up the first turn.

VC 1
He marches up. He tries to Vanhels the GG and I stop it.


HE 1
Eagles fly up to stall the ghoul units. I move some units a bit here and there to open up fire lanes and flank charges. Magic targets the ghouls. I get off flames of the pheonix and one fury of khaine. Curse and the other fury of khaine and vauls on the Deathstar are all stopped. Only 16 ghouls remain after magic and shooting.


VC 2
He charges the two eagles with his ghouls. His lvl 1 fails a stupidity test and sits outside the building. The GG march up and the Coach moves up as well. Magic sees him fully power up his BC and vanhels the GG unit. He kills the right hand eagle with poison alone and reforms. He does no wounds to the left eagle and I do one or two and tie combat.


HE 2
Move the White lions up to fight the upcoming grave guard unit. The far left unit of archers steps into the building. A couple units scoot here and there to anticipate the next turn. Magic sees flames go off again on the ghoul unit leaving only like 7. Curse of arrow attraction and ring of fury go off on the Grave Guard unit. I get a 6 dice final transmutation off on the GG unit as well and drag 18ish of them to become golden statues as well as sniping the lvl 2 out of the unit. Shooting sees everything that has LoS to them fire away leaving only the bsb, lord and 7 ranks n files left. In combat he kills the eagle and reforms.


VC 3
The left ghouls charge my bolt thrower. The grave guard went ahead and charged into the lions. The right ghouls tried to charge the flank of the white lions but rolled snake eyes. The coach moved up again. His far left vamp failed his stupidity again! His magic saw his only caster the lvl 3 lord try and res some GG. I let the one D6 one go through and stopped the rest. He got 2 or 3 GG back. His ghouls blew through my bolt thrower and attempted to over run into my archer horde but failed. His vamp lord was a brutal beat stick from hell. (BBSFH) He got around 12 kills on the white lions. I did one wound to the lord and killed most of the unit. I think left him with 3ish GG.


HE 3
I charged the prince out of the archer horde to hit the flank and hopefully kill that bsb. Magic sees flames of the phoenix on str 5 kill all but one ghoul on the left. I told him I would shoot everything at the ghoul and he removed it. My prince and 6 white lions kill the bsb and do another wound to the BBSFH. I also leave only the the unit champ of the GG unit alive. The BBSFH does an insane amount of wounds to the white lions once again. I manage to win by 1 though. Forcing him to pop the general or the GG unit champ. He concedes.


This was a quick game. I think I played pretty well in this game and I think he made a mistake by throwing the coach that far on the flank. With so few drops I easily just threw everything on the other side. While this probably wasn't the most exciting battle report to read, It was a battle I needed to play. We don't really have a local VC player and when I found one and then found out he ran a "dirty" list I was excited because I was curious if my list could handle such a nasty list. Now I just have to find a nasty skaven player to play. We have one or two locals but their pretty low on skill level.


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