Friday, November 25, 2011

High Elves vs Warriors of Chaos 11/7

Pretty new to HE's so I think this is my 3rd game with them. I've played dark elves for a long time though. I'm use to T3, hardly any save and expensive models where your always out numbered.

My list is a Furion (I think that's his name) inspired shooting/magic army.

My list
Prince, 2+ AS, Luckstone, GW, Bolt thrower bow
Archmage, Dragon bane gem, lvl 4, High magic, ring of fury, annulian crystal
BsB, Dragon armor, GW, 3x str5 bow
Mage, lvl 2, seer staff, Lore of Metal
30x archers, fc, flaming banner
14x archers, muso
10x archers, muso
30x white lions, fc, banner of sorcery, +1 to first turn
2x eagles
3x bolt throwers

His list off memory
Chaos lord, 2+, 3++ disc
bsb ???
lvl 4 sorcerer, 4++, steal enemy spells. Tzeentch
Lvl 2 Sorcerer, death magic, scroll
18x nurgle warriors, shields, halberds, muso, standard
18x nurgle warriors, shields, halberds, muso, standard
18x nurgle chosen, shields, halberds, FC, raptorous standard, favor of gods item
10x muraders, flails, muso
10x muraders, flails, muso
5x hounds
5x hounds
Warshrine, MoT

His lvl 4 rolled up pandemonium, treason, infernal gateway, sig?
His lvl 2 got sig, and -3 ld spell
The chosen end up with MR 2 which is pretty good considering I have searing doom and fury of khaine.

My lvl 4 gets flames, vauls, stubborn and 5+ ws
My lvl 2 picks, sig spell and final transmutation

Deployment Looks like this.


I roll a 2 and he rolls a 3 for first turn. Thanks to having so much in characters and warmachines and skiensliver I get 1st turn.

My 10 man archer unit advances up to the building and my eagles get ready to redirect next turn. My white lions also advance a couple inches. Magic gets Final transmutation off with IF and I turn his BSB and 5 nurgle warriors to gold! The miscast sees me loose a lvl on my 2 and forget final transmutation. Acceptable loss for a turn 1 bsb. Shooting I delete a 10 man murader unit off the board.


His turn one is pretty much a general advance. The magic phases sees him IF Infernal Gateway on my white lions with the prince in them... Luckily it was like 9 str 7 hits instead of a deletion. He rolls an insane amount of 1's and only kills like 5 guys. He looses 2 lvls and treason and Infernal gateway! Best magic phase ever for me!


High Elf turn 2 sees my 10 man archer unit charge dogs. I figure I get twice as many attacks with a reroll to hit and a charge so it's a safe bet. Now this is where the 'internet' says that I spent 115 points to kill 30 so that was stupid. My thoughts are that I took out 30 points and he'll have no way of taking those 115 points out for the rest of the game and I can shoot from behind him so I go for it. Surprise, surprise, but everyone on the 'internet' can't be GT winners. I thrower both eagles at his warriors so that he either will charge, kill, and reform only moving an inch or charge, wound, persue in which case hes going in the wrong direction. In magic I think I get flames off on the chosen but with 3+ saves and 5++ MR saves nothing really comes of it. I also vauls the Rap Standard. Shooting sees me delete a unit of dogs and just thin out some warriors. I kill 2 or 3 dogs and break them but can't run them down with my archers.


Woc turn 2 he charges both the eagles as he really has no choice and rallies the dogs. His chaos lord hit a bolt thrower. I let him run through it because next turn he is either going to charge my other bolt thrower ending him in my lions or getting charged by my archer horde or he'll hit the archers and I'll be steadfast re-roll 10 for days. I pretty much ignore the lord and let him take the bolt thrower out. Everything else makes a general advance. In magic he only gets like 2 or 3 dice because of bad rolling the annulian crystal. He just chooses to stop flames before it gets out of hand. He kills the western eagle and overruns and only does two wounds to the eastern eagle and pursues him but can't catch him. The bolt thrower is obviously smashed to bits and he reforms facing the rest of my army.


High Elves 3. My archers charge his rallied dogs on the west. My fleeing eagle rallies. The 14 man archer unit with the lvl 4 backs up a couple inches as well as the white lion unit. I can't really remember anything happening too much in the magic phase. I think I vauls the ward save on the lvl 4. I kill the dogs to the man and choose to overrun to get around the house. Shooting downs 5ish chosen and about 8 warriors on the far right.


Chaos turn 3 sees the warshrine make a long charge on the bolt thrower and fail. The right warriors charge the eagle that flees and makes a long redirect into the archers needing like a 12 and fails. The lord balls into the flank of my archer horde. Everything else advances. I think he sees the 14 man archer unit and lvl 4 as easy points so they have a warrior unit and a chosen unit starring them down. Magic is nothing note worthy. I think he pops some archers with flickering fires. The lord kills 2 or 3 but I'm steadfast 10 so I hold.


High Elves turn 4 is as juicy as it gets! I charge the lions ahead into the 10 man murader unit. He holds because he knows I'll just redirect into the warshrine or the chosen. I then charge the lvl 4 out of her bunker into the muraders. If he fled I would have let her fail charge and then redirect into the chosen with the lions murdering them to bits and taking out his lvl 4 and guarding my lvl 4 from a counter charge since she would be exposed. He was really in a damned if you do damned if you don't situation. He chose to just hold even though he knew they would evaporate. My 10 man archer unit swift reforms to start lightly peppering some warriors but they'll pretty much do nothing the rest of the game. My eagle also rallies. Magic sees pretty much nothing happen. Shooting is minimal. In combat his lord kills a couple more but we still hold. The lions murder the muraders and overrun into the warshrine and re-angle to it. The lvl 4 over runs straight out and gets behind his lines to stay out of harms way.


WoC turn 4. His far left warriors charge my bows but are 5 inches away so I'm not overly likely to get away and I'm only 8ish inches from the board edge so I just stand and shoot maybe downing one. The chosen reform to face my lvl 4, I'm sure he has flickering fire on his mind. He moves his now 5ish man unit of warriors with a lvl 2 up a couple inches. They pretty much have nothing to do so I think hes just aiming for the bolt thrower if they happen to survive. I get more DD than he has PD and stop is flickering fire at my wizard. He murders my 14 man archer unit (was at 9 when he charged) I had a 5++ save on them from the magic phase I believe but he still manages to kill exactly 9 and reforms to face the main battle line. His lord wins combat again but I've been re-roll 10 for a while and stay. I destroy his warshrine doing exactly 4 wounds after that stupid 3++. :p I then overrun again this time hitting the few warriors and his lvl 2 unit.


High Elves turn 5. I pretty much just move everything out of the way and pepper his chosen with magic and shooting. The chosen are down to about 4 models. I destory his unit of warriors and run them down after his lvl 2 challenged so My white lions are really safe on the other side of the board now. His lord wins combat again by one or two but I'm steadfast re-roll 9 and then turn to face him now that I have no flank threats to the unit.


WoC turn 5. He moves around but does nothing. I win combat over his lord by one and he flees and is run down by the archer unit. We call the game here.


I think he made a mistake or two but otherwise he played how warriors pretty much play. The reason I can't stand warriors is that they're kind of slow even their cav isn't very fast. They have no shooting phase and the hell cannon is unreliable but good when it does hit and pass its ld test. That being said I pretty much out maneuvered him with a couple of cheap units and then whittled down everything with magic and shooting so that when they got there they weren't that big of a threat.

I got everything but his chosen, lvl 4 and one warrior unit. If we played the last turn I might have gotten the chosen and lvl 4. He got an eagle, 14 archers, and a bolt thrower off me. Fun game. He was a little frustrated at the end but we're friends he'll get over it. :)

I've enjoyed the army in the 3 or 4 games I've had with it so far. I even beat an O&G army with 300 models. At the end of the game I had like 15 models left on the board to his 3 thirty man units. It's all about being sly in the movement phase killing off all of their support and hunter units. Kill a block or two and start running away. Some people claim that this is lame or cheesy but I'm playing a 100 model count army with no armor... I think it would be pretty lame if I ran in there and and got tabled after turn 2.

Hope you enjoyed the report.

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