Friday, November 25, 2011

Dwarfs Ard Boyz Round 2 Prethoughts 2011

Ninja Dwarfs

I’m a pretty loyal Dark elf player but after reading the ard boy scenarios I was hesitant to take them. The first mission screwed over wizards and all rare choices were liabilities. Normally this wouldn’t affect my dark elves but how I think they would have to be ran in an ard boyz environment it did. I borrowed my friends dwarfs and built a close combat ninja style army… And boy did it work. The list was as follows.

Thorek Ironbrow 505

Dwarf Lord, General, Rune of Brotherhood (Scouts), Rune of Furnace (immune to fire), Rune of Resistance, (re-rollable armor save), Rune of Preservation (immune to killing blow and poison), Rune of Fire (flaming attacks), Rune of Stone (+1 to armor save), and a Great Weapon 226

Thane, BSB, Rune of Brotherhood (Scouts), Rune of Spite (4+ ward save), Rune of stone (+1 armor save) 160

Runesmith, Rune of Brotherhood (Scouts), Master Rune of Balance (steal and opponents power die and add it to my dispel pool), Rune of Stone (+1 to armor save), Great Weapon 149

60x Longbeard Rangers, Great Weapons, Heavy Armor, Full Command, Rune of Slowness (any unit charging me subtracts D6 from their charge) 915

30x Miners, Great Weapons, Heavy Armor, Full Command, Drill (lets me re-roll their reserve rolls) 380

29x Miners, Great Weapons, Heavy Armor, Full Command 344

Cannon, Rune of Forging (re-roll any misfires to land or for bounce), Rune of Burning (flaming shots) 130

Cannon, Rune of Burning (flaming shots) 95

Cannon, 90

If you’re not familiar with fantasy this is a dirty list that’s a one trick pony… But unlike most armies of this type it’s a frickin good trick.

The basis behind the list is in deployment you lay down your cannons evenly at your very back board edge for the most part spread out so they have to travel to get another one after finishing off the first. Next I put down my characters, which is only Thorek (whom is a warmachine character) and I place him where he can see the whole battle field but where he is relatively safe terrain wise. I am now done deploying. I get to see where your whole army goes before I place my scouting unit… did I mention my scouting unit was 60 bad ass dwarfs of hand to hand beat stick and 3 characters? I choose the weakest spot in your deployment and place my unit 12 inches away. I always try to get on one flank if I can so my miners can come in off any board edge and support with rear of flank charges if some how the nasty unit gets stuck or just to sweep along the opposing army starting on one flank. My cannons go for target priority large things and then just going for anything that worries me after that. Against hell pits, hydras or regenerating units I send in the flaming cannons to knock the regeneration off. Thorek allows the minors to get a charge in as soon as they come on the board and half the enemies movement on units that could get into the flank of the nasty unit. Combined with the slowness standard your charging at half movement +2d6 –d6. This helps them only get into the combats I want them in.

The list is heinous and I wouldn’t ever run it out of ard boyz. I’ll follow up soon with all the battle reports and how I lost 1st place because of one bonus point…

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